• I felt like I was working to pay my staff wages but never taking a wage myself?
  • I felt like I was going around in circles with my finances?
  • I was continually checking my bank account to see if I had enough money to pay my bills?

Sound Familiar? 

I couldn’t believe this worked for me, what I want to share with you is how I turned my business around and now I have PROFIT in the bank and money put aside for my taxes.

I’m Jayne and I’m a Profit Coach and I specialise in helping Business owners escape the nightmare of working to live by implementing the Profit First cash flow methodology. 

Profit First helped me prepare a PLAN to navigate the path ahead and I transformed my business from a cash-eating monster to a money making machine ensuring that I paid myself first all while saving for my taxes and putting aside my profit. 

No longer am I worried about;

⌘ The Cash flow as it now takes care of itself and I know I always have enough money to pay my staff and upcoming bills.

⌘ No longer am I Living deposit to deposit.

⌘ My money is pre-allocated to a purpose and we have become more purposeful in its use.

I went from living deposit to deposit to pay the bills (that never seem to stop coming) and paying myself a wage with the little money that was left and I certainly didn’t ever see PROFIT in the bank before I implemented Profit First in my business.

How did I do this?

I implemented Profit First! 

The first step is to complete a Profit First Assessment.… this helped me to understand where my money was going and how to start taking a profit distribution before I even paid my bills. Sounds crazy… right!!! Well you can do it too, and it works! 

From here we created a super solid foundation and roll out plan to increase our profits each quarter and created a strategy to make our business more profitable than it has ever been before.

It’s time to GET ON THE FRONT FOOT – be ahead of the game, get your ducks in a row and come out the other side of this in a much stronger position with more money in the bank and profit in your pocket. We can help you Implement Profit First to turn your business around just like we did.