Let’s talk about business expenses – they all seem perfectly reasonable and you need them all, right. Well, there are obvious ways of saving money, like downsizing from an expensive office space to a more affordable one. When we do things like this to reduce our expenses, what expenses remain seem even more reasonable.

The thing is, this is based on your perceptions of what constitutes ‘reasonable’, rather than what your business is telling you is genuinely a reasonable amount to spend.
Your profits are literally screaming at you, loads of really valuable insights into your business, and you’re simply ignoring them.

When you don’t have a reasonable level of profitability in your business, that is your business shrieking at you, “You are spending too much money!!!!”

It doesn’t matter how much you’re spending, if your profits aren’t where you want them to be, your expenses are not ‘reasonable’ they are too high, and you need to find a way to reduce them.

So before you do anything else, rethink what you really, genuinely need to spend money on. You will be surprised, I know you could instantly reduce your expenses by at least 10% without too much stress.

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