If there’s one area that’s going to trip you up in this roll out plan it is the ‘upsell’ mentality. It goes hand-in-hand with the growth mentality, and the notion that entrepreneurs should be constantly pushing for growth. The theory is simple: sell your clients something, then upsell them on something BIGGER.

Keep on upselling so that you’re constantly pushing bigger, better, and more expensive things.

There is some logic in this, at least from the perspective of increasing your revenue. Upsells have their place, but don’t get carried away. Constantly upselling can actually kill your profit.

When you’re always offering new things it requires you to create new content, buy new tools and materials, learn new things. But more than that it takes you outside your core skill set – your zone of genius – and leaves you doing tasks that you might be capable of, but you’re not particularly spectacular at.

And that’s okay – nobody’s good at everything!

On the surface it appears that upsells are great for your profit because they increase your top line. But because of the practicalities and limitations that come with all these new things, you’re unlikely to make any extra profit, and may even eat into the profit you would have had if you’d stuck to the first thing and nothing else.

This is where your zone of genius comes in. Instead of diversifying, get spectacularly good at one very specific thing.

Stay in it.

Your niche, your zone of genius, is where you can create the most profit.

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